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Bridle Parla


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Bridle with silver-coloured rhinestones on the browband with a multi coloured sparkle. The patent leather noseband has a pearl coloured padding and features a flash strap. The bridle features an anatomically shaped crown piece.
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99,95 €

Out of stock
99,95 €

99,95 €
Material: Leather
Material padding: Rubber
Material hardware: Stainless steel
Bridle with anatomically shaped crown piece
Browband with silver-coloured rhinestones
Because of a special coating the rhinestones have a multi-coloured sparkle
Features a patent leather noseband with flash strap and pearl coloured padding
Throat latch adjustable on both sides
With hook studs at the cheek pieces
Features silver-coloured hardware
Supplied with web reins with hook stud
Matching spur straps and belt available