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Cavesson Leather


69,95 €
SKU: 1699
Brand: QHP
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Multifunctional leather cavesson that can also be used as a bridle. Due to the removable bit clips, the cavesson can be used with or without bit. Three rings are attached to the nose strap to which a lunging line can be attached. Equipped with an anatomically shaped crown piece.
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69,95 €

69,95 €

69,95 €
Material: Leather
Material hardware: stainless steel
Multifunctional leather cavesson
Can also be used as a bridle
Can be used with or without bit
Equipped with three rings on the noseband
The noseband has a chain in the core, making it form well to the nose
With anatomically shaped crown piece that relieves the pressure on the ear canal
Equipped with removable bit clips
With leather padding under the closure of the noseband, browband and crown piece
Silver coloured stainless steel hardware