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Enja`s #Pony-Pediküre 500 ml


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Have you ever seen a unicorn with unkempt hooves? We are not! The secret is that they go to Enja's pony pedicure regularly! There they are cared for with this natural oil. This keeps the hoof horn healthy, promotes horn stability and makes the hoof move elastically. Avocado oil, antibacterial and antifungal oregano oil let moisture get into the hoof, it stays in there, so to speak, trapped. Apply the pony pedicure daily so the hoof stays healthy & dry or cracked hooves quickly become a thing of the past. Simply apply after cleaning with the brush on the outer hoof wall and the crown area, that brings protection & care and you prevent hoof diseases, totally cool or any questions?
500 ml brush bottle
Natural hoof oil for well-groomed, elastic hooves
Extra-elastic formula
Keeps the hoof horn healthy, elastic and promotes horn stability
Quick help for dry and cracked hooves

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, castor oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and oregano oil.

Application: Clean the hoof and apply to the outer hoof wall and the coronet band area using a brush.
Daily application protects and cares for the hoof.
Shake well before use!