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Head collar set Pegasus


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Brand: QHP
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Fun fuchsia pony head collar with a rainbow Pegasus print on the noseband. The cheek pieces are decorated with a glitter cord. These glitters are also in the matching lead rope. The head collar is lined with soft fleece and adjustable at the crown piece and noseband.
  Shet Pony Mini Shet

Out of stock
19,95 €

Out of stock
19,95 €

Out of stock
19,95 €
Material tape: 100% Polypropylene
Material hardware: Nickel plated iron
Material noseband and lining: 100% Polyester
Fun pony head collar
Fleece noseband with a shiny Pegasus print in rainbow colours
Decorated with a glitter cord on the cheek pieces
Matching rope with the silver details
The crownpiece and cheek pieces are lined with fleece
Adjustable at the crown piece and noseband
Features silver-coloured hardware with QHP engraved
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