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Lili's #Unique Hair Spray


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Brand: Parisol
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A lot has been rumored about unicorns. Especially when it sparkles on Stallgasse again. They usually keep your beauty tips secret. But that's the end, beautiful hair should be for everyone! Lili Tinsel knows all about it. She is the beauty queen at Soulhorse and likes to dress up. Made hooves and shiny hair - even among unicorns she is a real star! Your spray is no wonder and also no magic, but it brings volume and easy combability like never before! It comes with a new formula, dermatologically tested and tuts the pony skin very well. What's inside is called micro silicone oil emulsion, it loosens dust & dirt and pushes everything else off the throne! Simply spray on tail and mane, after that no one has to struggle with combing & reading.
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BE040 1000 ml 1000 ml Out of stock 18,95 €
BE040 2500 ml 2500 ml Out of stock 37,50 €
BE040 500 ml 500 ml 3 13,50 €
500 ml professional spray bottle, also works overhead
Shiny long hair, styled by the star unicorn
Super-gloss formula
Fur shine, tail and mane spray
Quiet spray noise, finest spray and low consumption

Contains micro-silicone oil emulsion