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Parisol HorseDeo


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Parisol PferdeDeo - The natural deodorant for horses
Due to the smell of the mild and nourishing oils of walnut and orange, the sprayed horse is no longer recognized by brakes and other strains (flies, ticks, mosquitoes and worms). The natural oils cultivate the skin and coat of the horse. Strong but not unpleasant odor.
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Duration: On the pasture / in the open-air stable up to 35-40 hours (when the horse does not get wet). With the sweating horse about 3 hours.
In the new Parisol Professional spray bottle, which is characterized by the fine spray mist and the quiet spraying noise. Efficient use and economical consumption of the product. Spray reliably from all positions - also suitable for spray-sensitive horses.
Application: Spray uniformly over the coat. Avoid mucous membrane and eye contact. Also suitable for horses with eczema. Does not leave any spots on the treated body regions.
Active ingredient: Icaridine, sizes: 500ml spray bottle