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Saddle cover turnout extra


34,95 €
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Water-repellent saddle cover that can be used while riding and protects your saddle against rain, for example. The stirrups can be pulled through slots with a Velcro closure and on the dressage version there are also slots for the billets. In the zipper pocket at the back, you can store the loose strap that you can use to carry your saddle.
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Out of stock
34,95 €

Out of stock
34,95 €
Material: Polyester
Water-repellent saddle cover that you can use while riding
Protects the saddle, for example from rain
Equipped with a slot with Velcro for the stirrup
With slots for the billets on the dressage version
Provided with an adjustable strap with clasp to carry the saddle
Two loops to put the strap through to keep the cover in place
With zipper pocket on the back to store the strap
Lined with fleece
The elastic edge allows the cover to fit almost every English saddle