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Safety helmet Divine


114,95 €
SKU: 8118
Brand: QHP
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Safety helmet with velvel and sparkly insert with rhinestones and black vents. Three large vents for good airflow. With linings for round or oval shaped head, so a proper fit is possible for everybody.
  53-54 55-58

114,95 €

114,95 €
Safety helmet with shell covered with velvet
Decorated with a line of glitter across the helmet
According to VG1 01.040 2014-12 standard
On the front, two large matt black metal vents
On the rear, one large curved matt black metal vent
Small QHP print on the rear
Equipped with flexible matt black visor
Lining made of breathable polyester fabric for comfortable fit
Comes with two linings for a round or oval shaped head which guarantees a proper fit
With adjustable rear for an optimal fit, softly lined
Four-point adjustable chin band with soft cover