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Shetland saddle


89,95 €
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Brand: QHP
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Kids' saddle fully equipped with girth, stirrup leathers and stirrups. Perfect for small riders, which are able to saddle their pony themselves with lightweight Shetland saddle. Handle on the front for grip. Ring on the rear for potential crupper attachment.

Out of stock
89,95 €

Out of stock
89,95 €

Out of stock
89,95 €

Out of stock
89,95 €
Synthetic kids saddle
Fully equipped with aluminium stirrups, nylon stirrup leathers and nylon girth with roller buckles
The saddle is equipped with panels which are adjustable with Velcro
Length saddle: 29 cm, length seat: 21 cm (Pleate note: this saddle is treeless and therefore has no inch size)
Handle on the front
Ring on the rear for crupper attachment
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