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Show bridle Luxe


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With this show bridle your horse will get all the attention on the show! The bridle has a padded browband with silver rhinestones. The crown piece features a soft padding and is cut back a little for more freedom of movement of the ears.
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59,95 €

Out of stock
59,95 €

Out of stock
59,95 €

Out of stock
59,95 €
Material: Cow leather
Material padding: Rubber
Material hardware: Stainless steel
Show bridle with padded crownpiece and browband
The browband is inlaid with silver-coloured rhinestones
Bridle which can be used during shows
Fully stitched with white yarn
Features hook studs on the cheekpieces
The used leather is vegetable tanned (only natural tannic acids which aren't harmful for the environment are used)