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Bridle FaySport

This horse friendly bridle is the world’s only bridle with 12 anatomical properties. By taking these twelve anatomical points into account, the horse is in no way hindered. The horse will no longer feel unnecessary pressure or blockages, be optimally comfortable and can deliver maximum performance.

179,95 €

Browband ShineBright

The PressTEQ mounting system makes changing the browband very easy. You no longer have to take the entire bridle apart, but you can simply click the browband on, even when the bridle is worn. In a few seconds you can get a new look to match your outfit or mood of the day. All browband designs are expertly crafted with carefully put together designs to reflect a prestigious look. All designs use genuine Swarovski crystals for optimal light reflection and shine brightly under any light.

59,95 €

Bridle charm PresTeq

This lucky charm, with grey and burgundy charms and the PresTeq logo, is a beautiful charm that you can attach to your ear net, bridle, saddle, or wherever you want as a good luck charm.

12,95 €