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Adjustable girth

Separate rug surcingles to replace missing ones. Using surcingles on a rug ensures that a rug stays neatly put on the horse.Colours: Black, Blue, GreySize: One size

Blanket closures

Separate surcingle clasp for surcingles and chest closures

Chestprotector lycra

A chest protector is the perfect solution for horses that are susceptible to chafing. A chest protector is used under a rug and protects delicate skin. The protector is put on over the head and fastened by an elastic Velcro strap behind the front legs.

26,95 €

Elasticized leg cords

These separate leg straps can be used on different rugs to ensure the rug stays well put on the horse. These leg straps feature a strong bolt snap and can be attached to the rug with a loop.

Elasticized rug strap

This separte rug surcingle keeps any rug securely in place. Especially useful for wool and fleece rugs that do not have surcingles. The surcingle has a wide range of adjustability which makes it suitable for all horses. The elasticity provides comfort for the horse and a good fit.


Kaelaosa on 1800 denieri pealismaterjalist ja Cooldry-polüester voodriga. Sobib kokku tekiga Rainmax. Kaelaosa on hobust kuivatava funktsiooniga.
NB toote pilt on illustratiivne, täpne toote värvus on kirjas all pool pikemas kirjelduses.

70,00 €


Kaelaosa on 1800 denieri pealismaterjalist ja sileda polüester voodriga, täidis 50g. Sobib kokku tekiga Rainmax.
NB toote pilt on illustratiivne, täpne toote värvus on kirjas all pool pikemas kirjelduses.

66,00 €

Loose fleece neck part

Separate neck cover made of fleece with a surcingle. The neck can be used in combination with a fleece rug or on it's own. Easy to attach with Velcro straps.

19,95 €


Separte snap as a replacement for use in rugs and halters

Tail protector Collection

A tail guard can be used when your horse rubs its tail during transportation. It prevents hair from breaking off and protects braids in the tail. The guard can be attached with four elastic straps with Velcro closure. The silicone pattern on the inside will prevent the protector from sliding downwards.

12,95 €

Turnout belly flap 200gr

This separate belly flap can be attached to all rugs with cross-surcingles. Slide the surcingles through the loops and adjust these so that the flap touched the belly.

14,95 €