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Bridle bag

A bridle bag keeps your bridle neat and clean. On the inside is a strap to go around the bridle's crown piece. This model features a zipper on the front and a handle. Decorated with a contrasting logo, handle and trims.

19,95 €

Grooming bag

This Grooming Bag is perfect for storing your grooming tools. Most frequently used brushes can be stored in the front pockets. Large closable compartment holds most of your items. It also contains a seperate zipper bag for small items. Comes with handles and clever removable shoulder band.

22,50 €

Grooming bag Collection

Luxury turnout grooming bag with enough space for all your grooming equipment. In the many pockets you can store everything separately. For example: the mesh pocket in the front fits a bottle. The grooming bag features two handles and a removable shoulder strap.

25,95 €

QHP backpack

Practical backpack for rider or groom with a lot of storage space. A cap can be placed behind the front flap which has a zipper pocket. The sides feature mesh pockets which are easy for stuff you need to grab quickly.

29,95 €

QHP boot bag

Luxury boot bag equipped with a grip on top and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap on the front. The bag has an dividing wall on the inside and both sides have a zipper. The bag has a mesh insert for ventilation.

28,95 €

Saddle bag

Handy saddlebags that make it easy to take things with you during a ride. The bags have a zipper and a pocket on the front. The bags can be attached to the billets of the saddle with different loops.

17,95 €

34,95 €

Treat bag

Small bag which can be used to store treats or other edible rewards when doing groundwork. The pocket can be attached in several ways to a belt or pants. It has a loop with D-ring, carabiner hook and two loops on the back.