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Bandages & lining


Bandage pads Metallic glitz

Set of bandage pads for pressure distribution and leg protection. The simple Velcro fastening allows the pad to be attached for easy bandaging. The glitter tape on the top provides a nice sparkle.

25,95 €

19,95 €

Fleece bandages

Good quality fleece bandages with Velcro closure. Available in several fresh colours.

Fleece bandages Metallic glitz

Finish your Metallic Glitz look with these bandages. The fleece bandages are decorated with glitter tape and a metal Q" pin on the velcro closure. The prints on the fasteners form the sentence: "One Team, One Dream".

22,95 €

Fleece bandages Pegasus

Fleece bandages which finishes the Pegasus look. The end is decorated with a Pegasus print in rainbow colours and is finished with a glitter cord. The bandages feature a Velcro closure.

14,95 €

Reflection leg straps (per 2)

Set of two reflection leg straps with Velcro closure and clip. Makes the horse more visible when riding outdoors.