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Bitless bridle Ceto

Multifunctional bitless bridle that can be used as a sidepull, chin crossed and jaw crossed bridle. Perfect if you use several types of bitless bridles or if you don't yet know which version is best for your horse. The clips on the strings and reins make it easy to adjust the bridle.

79,95 €

Bitless bridle Sunna

Multifunctional bitless bridle decorated with rhinestones with a multicoloured sparkle on the browband. Can be used as a sidepull, chin crossed and jaw crossed bridle. Perfect if you use several types of bitless bridles or if you don't yet know which one is best for your horse. The clips on the strings and reins make it easy to adjust the bridle.

89,95 €

Bridle Shimmer

Striking bridle with glitter on the Swedish noseband for a nice sparkle. The browband is decorated with big silver-coloured and small black rhinestones. The anatomically shaped crown piece makes the bridle comfortable for the horse.

114,95 €

Bridle Amor

The chic bridle Amor stands out because of the rose gold details. The patent leather wave shaped browband has rose golden rhinestones. All the hardware is rose gold coloured as well. The bridle has a patent leather Swedish noseband and comes with web reins with hook studs.

99,95 €

Bridle Aphrodite

The finishing with white stitching and the corresponding white leather padding give this bridle a striking black/white colour scheme. The brow band is finished with large rhinestones. The bridle has hook studs on the cheek pieces and a patent leather noseband.

99,95 €

Bridle Artemis

Luxurious patent leather bridle with nose band with flash. Double wave shape brow band covered with rhinestones. With hook studs on the cheek pieces and silver coloured hardware.

99,95 €

Bridle Devi

Anatomically shaped bridle which avoids the nerves and sensitive points of the horse's head as much as possible. This makes the bridle suitable for horses that are sensitive to the head. The special curved shape of the noseband ensures that it lies higher up on the nose and avoids the sensitive lower part. In addition, the noseband does not press against the horse's teeth, which prevents irritation in the mouth.

99,95 €

Bridle Dionysos Mex

Figure-8 bridle. Nose band and brow band decorated with tiny rhinestones for a delicate look. Hooks and silver coloured parts.

99,95 €

Bridle Donn

Bridle Donn features a double noseband which equalizes the pressure on the nose. One noseband goes above the bits and the other one goes under the bit. The cheek pieces and reins have hook studs. The bridle is finished with white stitching.

99,95 €

Bridle FaySport

This horse friendly bridle is the world’s only bridle with 12 anatomical properties. By taking these twelve anatomical points into account, the horse is in no way hindered. The horse will no longer feel unnecessary pressure or blockages, be optimally comfortable and can deliver maximum performance.

179,95 €

Bridle Freya

This bridle is made of a good quality leather and is finished with white stitching. The anatomical and extra wide crown piece ensures pressure behind the ears is minimized and distributed more evenly. The noseband and browband are also padded.

99,95 €

Bridle luxury stitched

Luxurious bridle equipped with a noseband with flash strap and anatomical crown piece. Decorated with white stitching on the nose and browband for a classic look. Provided with silver coloured hardware.

59,95 €

54,95 €

Bridle Odin

Luxury bridle with an anatomically shaped swedish noseband with flash stap. Features soft padding and a slightly cut back crown piece. With a slim wave browband covered with silver coloured metal studs. Features hooks studs on the cheek pieces.

99,95 €

Bridle Ostara

This bridle is specially designed to avoid the nerves on the horse’s head and to distribute the pressure evenly. The special shape of the noseband ensures that the facial crest (jawbone line) and the attachment of the face nerve are avoided. The anatomical crown piece avoids pressure on the ear muscles. The extra wide crown piece distributes the pressure better and the pressure on the neck attachment muscles is minimized. Both the noseband and the crown piece feature gel padding which takes on the shape of the horse. The wave browband has silver and coloured rhinestones.

124,95 €

Bridle Parla

Bridle with silver-coloured rhinestones on the browband with a multi coloured sparkle. The patent leather noseband has a pearl coloured padding and features a flash strap. The bridle features an anatomically shaped crown piece.

99,95 €