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Baby socks Check (set of 2)

Cute socks for babies available per set of two pair.
One pair with a fully chequered design and one pair with a chequered design on the ankle.

Baby socks Mickey

Very cute ankle socks with a horse head for babies.

Body competitionshirt Bibie

Chic body competition shirt with rhinestone decoration on the collar and placket. The hidden closure features a zipper and snap closures. The body provides a clean competition look, the buttons on the front side ensure comfort when riding.

34,95 €

Breeches Adult

Basic model breeches at a very economical prices. Also very comfortable because of the good fit, elastic fabric and flex legs.

29,95 €

Breeches Aivee anti-slip full seat

Chic breeches with full anti-slip seat with dotted pattern for a good grip. The back is decorated with silver stitching and two faux pockets with rhinestones and chainlets. Silver stitching is placed at the front as well, next to the pockets with blind zippers. The soft and stretchy fabric makes the breeches very comfortable to wear.

99,95 €

49,95 €

Breeches Bliss anti-slip full seat

The chic Bliss breeches have a silicone seat in a four leaf clover pattern. The contrasting fake zipper pockets give the breeches a sporty touch. Elegant stitching on the pockets and below the waistband. Finished with an embroidered Q with rhinestone, fabric loop, contrasting belt loop and metal Q hanger.

124,95 €

Breeches Charlene Junior anti-slip full seat

Breeches Charlene has a chic look due to the black bits with satin ribbons on the rear. The front pockets feature piping and a bit and stirrup embossing to complete the look. The breeches feature a full anti-slip seat with arrow pattern.

74,95 €

Breeches Chelsey Junior anti-slip full seat

Breeches Chelsey Junior stand out because of the rhinestones which are placed above the right slit pocket on the front and the right rear in a circle pattern. The breeches feature a full anti-slip seat with stars for medium grip to the saddle. The embroidered "Q" with rhinestone on the left thigh finishes the breeches.

74,95 €

Breeches Coco anti-slip full seat

These breeches are part of a perfectly matching competition set including a competition jacket, stock tie, safety helmet and saddle pad. This guarantees a winning success, of course still great for training. Tricoloured details and fully nonslip seat

129,95 €

89,95 €

Breeches EquiTights Full Grip

The latest trend - riding leggings. Very comfortable and stretchy fabric, pull-on model (without front fastener), contrast piping on the sides, prints, round-stitched seat with silicone for extra grip in the saddle, lycra flex legs

79,95 €

Breeches Florinthe Junior leg grip

Breeches with chic details like the rhinestone Q" on the upper leg and the Q-pattern embossing near the pockets. The pleated fabric on the rear makes the breeches stand out. The anti-slip pattern on the inside of the legs gives a sporty touch.

74,95 €

Breeches Ice

An outdoor ride in the freezing cold is no problem when wearing these Ice breeches. Comfortably warm due to the fleece lining and looks good. The blue details and white ice crystal give it a really wintery look.

79,95 €

Breeches Isa Junior anti-slip full seat

Breeches Isa features an anti-slip seat in a dotted flower pattern. The pants have an elegant look because of the rhinestones on the rear and along the front faux zipper pockets. The breeches feature two silver faux zipper pockets on the rear.

74,95 €

Breeches Jack

No-frills breeches, those are Jacks. The pockets are lined with dark grey piping and give the breeches a subtle accentuated appearance.

94,95 €