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Fly rugs/ Eczema rugs


Anti-fly rug Technical

High quality anti-fly rug made of extra strong fabric. Features a special hidden Velcro closure to prevent the rug from opening. The rug has an extra long neck and tail flap. The extra high shoulder gussets are comfortable for the horse. A fly mask can be fastened on the three loops on the neck of the rug.

99,95 €

Eczema neck cover

Eczema neck cover made of elastic fabric, which gives the neck the perfect fit. The neck features an elastic throatlatch and surcingle. The neck cover protects against insect bites, especially those of culcoides midges, which cause sweet itch.

59,95 €

Eczema rug

This eczema rug features an attached neck with elastic closure, a wide belly flap with elastic, adjustable surcingles and a wide tail flap. The rug has plastic closures and has a closure between the front legs to attach the belly flap. Research has proven that a zebra pattern deters flies due to the fact that the stripes reflect light. This reflection irritates insects.

From 64,95 €

Eczemasheet comfort

The eczema sheet comfort is a very comfortable rug featuring extra stretchable shoulder gussets and an insert in the neck for added comfort and moveability. The eczema rug protects the horse against insect bites. The culicoides species especially can cause an allergic reaction with some horses. The use of an eczema rug prevents heavy itches and scratching accordingly. The eczema rug also protects against sun rays. The rug is made from very breathable stretch fabric and features a separate belly flap.

89,95 €

Fly sheet Color

Basic model fly sheet available in bright colours matching many of our other brightly coloured products. The rug features double front closures with buckles on the chest, cross surcingles, a tail cord and tail flap.

39,95 €

Fly sheet with neck and hood Big neck

During warm summer months horses can be bothered by flies, nats, horseflies and other pesky insects. We have several fly sheets to protect your horse against them, such as this fly sheet with neck and hood with a special fit for Friesian and baroque horses. This rug has a detachable neck and hood, which can be taken off when flies and other insects are less active. The rug has a belly flap which fits nicely around the belly and is attached twice with Velcro and surcingles which prevents it from shifting. This rug is available in the sizes 185 - 225 and is wider at the neck and chest than regular rugs.

79,95 €