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Head collars


Double adjustable head collar

Sturdy synthetic head collar which is adjustable at the crown and the top of the noseband. This head collar can be removed after a bridle has been put on.

Field head collar

This field head collar has no hardware and features a Velcro closure on the crown piece. When the horse gets stuck, the Velcro closure will open when pressure is applied and the horse can free itself. With the field head collar you can leave your horse safely in the paddock or field with a head collar.

Foal head collar leather Chico

Foal halter with silver coloured hardware, made of an excellent quality leather. Available in different foal sizes.

16,95 €

Head collar Alaska

Head collar Alaska is completely covered in imitation wool. Because of the soft material the head collar is convenient for horses with a sensitive skin.

19,95 €

Head collar combi

This sturdy nylon head collar is completely lined with soft leather. Near the hardware pieces the head collar is finished with leather and white stitching for a robust look. The crown piece is extra wide and adjustable on both sides.

39,95 €

Head collar foal

Strong foal halter which is adjustable at three points so it can grow along with the foal. Features satin finish stainless steel hardware and is available in 4 different foal sizes.

Head collar foal Collection

Padded head collar with a checkered pattern. Features luxury satin finish hardware. Supplied with a matching lead rope in a reusable zipper bag.

Head collar foal leather Ilanura

Foal head collar made from patent leather. Adjustable at two points.

38,95 €

Head collar foal leather Lupine

Luxury leather foal head collar with scattered rhinestones inlaid in the noseband. Features a grey padding under the crown and noseband. Twice adjustable.

42,95 €

Head collar foal leather Mimas

Chic patent leather foal head collar with two rows of rhinestones inlaid in the noseband. Features a white padding under the crown piece and noseband. Adjustable at two points.

47,95 €

Head collar foal leather Spirit

Cheery leather foal head collar with brightly coloured padding under the crown piece, cheek pieces and noseband. Double adjustable.

22,95 €

Head collar Holland

Head collar Holland features a soft blue fleece padding on the noseband, cheek pieces and crown piece. The noseband and crown piece are both extra wide and adjustable. The cheek piece is finished with a rubber QHP Holland badge.

14,95 €

Head collar Icelandic

Striped synthetic head collar in the colours of the Icelandic flag. With soft neoprene padding under the noseband and crown piece. Features an adjustable crownpiece and noseband. Decorated with a QHP logo patch on the left cheek piece.

12,95 €

Head collar leather delicate

Slim leather head collar. Flat raised crown piece, cheek pieces and noseband for a delicate look. With soft padding and brass hardware.

44,95 €

Head collar leather Lupine

Leather halter with a luxurious appearance. Noseband finished with scattered grey rhinestones. Soft grey padding at the noseband and crown. Matching the other Lupine products.

49,95 €

Head collar lined

Basic model nylon head collar with soft lining at the noseband and crown. Adjustable at the noseband and crown piece.

11,95 €