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Jumping whips


Jumping whip Bello

Jumping whip Bello with artificial leather handle with white stitching for a classic look. Rubber flapper at the end.

11,95 €

Jumping whip comfort

This jumping whip Comfort has a remarkable appearance due to the patent leather shaft. Matching tip and twisted handle for good grip.

13,95 €

Jumping whip Crystal

The Jumping whip Crystal stands out due to the premium handle which is decorated with small iridescent crystals. Artificial leather finish, rubber flap and knob.

11,95 €

Jumping whip Eldorado

Jumping whip with rubber handle and artificial patent leather end. The whip is wrapped with two colours which match with the other Q-Cross products.

Jumping whip gel

Jumping crop with a coloured stem and matching handle. The handle is covered with gel which shapes itself to the hold of the rider for a comfortable and perfect grip.

14,95 €

Jumping whip Holland

Jumping crop decorated with a twisted handle in three colours. With an imitation leather flap.

12,50 €

Riding whip Halloween

Lightweight whip with flap in Halloween style. Finish your costume with the other Halloween products.

11,95 €

Springstok triangel 55cm

Luxurious jumping bat with a rubber handle, plaited stick and a looped flapper.

12,95 €

Springzweep rechthoekige flapper 69cm

Luxurious jumping whip with a rubber handle, plaited stick and looped flapper.

12,95 €