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Leg protection


Bandage pads Metallic glitz

Set of bandage pads for pressure distribution and leg protection. The simple Velcro fastening allows the pad to be attached for easy bandaging. The glitter tape on the top provides a nice sparkle.

25,95 €

19,95 €

Bell Boots

Standard model bell boots made of flexible rubber. Can be used to protect the heels of the front legs. With Velcro closure.

Bell boots collection

Bell boots protect the pastern and heel bulbs of the front legs from the hind legs. The inside features neoprene which absorbs the impact of the hind legs. The bell boots can be attached with a double Velcro closure.

15,95 €

Bell boots Metallic glitz

Neoprene bell boots with a slightly shiny fabric. The bell boots are decorated with a glitter patch and metal Q" pin on the double velcro closure. In addition, the top features a soft imitation fur trim.

24,95 €

Bell boots Ontario

Strong 1680D bell boots with a soft imitation fur trim at the top. The neoprene lining absorbs rear leg impacts and protects the coronet and heel bulbs. Can be attached with a double velcro closure.

26,95 €

Bell boots technical

Bell boots with a good fit and shaped to the pastern of the horse. The bell boots will not twist because of it. The back is equipped with Kevlar for extra strength and durability. This material does not tear, repells water and dirt and provides freedom of movement. The shoe is perfect for use during eventing because it does not absorb water and is lightweight.

29,95 €

Fetlock boots

Set of two open fetlock boots with a hard shell and neoprene lining. With Velcro closure. Protects the horse's legs against shocks and hits. Available in many colours. 

From 14,95 €

Fetlock boots Champion

Protect your horse's hind legs from hits with these sporty fetlock boots. The special airflow neoprene lining ensures that heat and moisture are properly dissipated. The air vents in the shell of the tendons ensure that the legs do not overheat. The boots can easily be fastened with the elastic quick fasteners.

38,95 €

36,95 €

Fetlock boots Ontario

Protect your horse's hind legs from being hit with these fetlock boots with an imitation fur lining. The lining prevents irritation and is therefore perfect for horses with a sensitive skin. The protectors are easy to attach with the elastic quick-release fasteners.

44,95 €

Fleece bandages

Good quality fleece bandages with Velcro closure. Available in several fresh colours.

Fleece bandages Metallic glitz

Finish your Metallic Glitz look with these bandages. The fleece bandages are decorated with glitter tape and a metal Q" pin on the velcro closure. The prints on the fasteners form the sentence: "One Team, One Dream".

22,95 €

Fleece bandages Pegasus

Fleece bandages which finishes the Pegasus look. The end is decorated with a Pegasus print in rainbow colours and is finished with a glitter cord. The bandages feature a Velcro closure.

14,95 €

49,95 €

49,95 €