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Martingales & breast plates


Breastplate luxury stitching

Leather breast plate with white decorative stitching and soft padding. Removable running martingale. The straps connected to the saddle have a strong elastic insert.

69,95 €

Breastplate Sedna

The luxurious 5-point breastplate Sedna prevents the saddle from sliding backwards during jumping. The soft padding and the gel padding on the breast and shoulders are gentle to the skin of the horse. The breastplate can be attached to the saddle on two points. It is also possible to attach a martingale.

139,95 €

Breastplate with cord

Leather breast plate with a detachable martingale finished with two-tone cord.Snaps for quick and easy attachment to the saddle and girth. Four-way adjustable.

44,95 €

Draw rein luxury

Leather draw reins decorated with a bicolour cord. Girth loop attachment and two strong snaps.

35,95 €