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Baby socks Check (set of 2)

Cute socks for babies available per set of two pair.
One pair with a fully chequered design and one pair with a chequered design on the ankle.

5,56 € / 6,95 €

Baby socks Mickey

Very cute ankle socks with a horse head for babies.

3,96 € / 4,95 €

KNo stockings Check

Knee stockings with checked pattern in different colour patterns. Very elastic and comfortable.

6,36 € / 7,95 €

KNo stockings Cheery

Socks with a striking print on the leg. The fabric around the calf is extra thin to fit easily into riding boots. The foot is soft and thick and the stockings support the ankle.

7,16 € / 8,95 €

KNo stockings Color (set of 3)

These slightly translucent stocking is perfect to wear with tall boots. They are very elastic, thin and smooth, but have a reinforced foot. They are available in a set of three pair packed in a bag.

From 0,00 €

KNo stockings Winter

This knee sock is made of a stretchy fabric and therefore very comfortable. The sock is decorated with dots and has a fun image of a snowman, reindeer or penguin on the toes.

15,16 € / 18,95 €

Riding sock super grip

Comfortable socks with a cushioned footbed and a silicone pattern on the inside of the calf. The top of the foot features breathable mesh to keep your feet dry. The bottom of the foot is supported by the stocking to keep you going all day without tired feet. The Equestrian Sports" text on top and the dotted "Q" on the outside on the calf give the sock a sporty look.

11,96 € / 14,95 €