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Stable & Pasture



Dressage arena letters

Turns every field into a dressage arena. Easy to position, lightweight and safe.

34,95 €

Dressage arena letters expansion set 20x60

Expansion set of four cones to make a 20 x 60 m dressage arena together with the dressage cones. The cones are lightweight, so can they be moved easily.

22,50 €

Fly trap

Flies can cause a lot of irritation for your horse. This fly trap catches the flies and ensures a more calm horse. The trap needs to be placed 10 to 15 meters away from the stable or pasture and will do its job for at least four weeks. After then, the bait can be refilled and the trap can catch up to 60.000 flies again. The bait is bio-degradable and chemical free.

24,95 €

Fly trap refill

These refills can be used for the fly trap. New bait can easily be made by adding water. Each refill will last at least four weeks and can trap up to 60.000 flies.

Hay bale net

This hay net is large enough to cover a whole small bale of hay. The small 5 cm mesh makes it ideal to use as a slow feeder in a pasture or paddock for one or multiple horses.

14,95 €

Hay net "Slow feeder"

​This strong hay net is a "slow feeder", due to the small openings (3cm*3cm) it slows down consumption so the hay last 2-3 times longer and replicates grazing. Slow feeder hay nets are an ideal way to provide hay in an economical way, it saves up to 30% food. With two attachment loops.

From 11,95 €

Hay net easy fill

This hay net features a firm but flexible ring on the top. This ring holds the net open and makes filling up easier than with a regular hay net. A hay net is easy to take with you when on the road. It offers the horse distraction over a long period of time. With a long string to tie the net to anything.

19,95 €

Hay net giant

A hay net is easy to take with you on the road. It offers the horse distraction over a long period of time. Due to its size, it is also suitable for use with two horses. With a long string to tie the net to anything.

Himalayan saltlick

With a himalayan salt lick, the horse can meet its daily salt needs. The salt block also contains various minerals and trace elements that the horse needs.

Horse football

Toy for horses to prevent boredom or for a game of horse football with riders.

39,95 €

Pawns with numbers (jumping arena)

Set of 15 cones with numbers and letters to mark jumps in a course. Easy to position, lightweight and safe.

78,95 €

Practice board dressage

Very useful board to practice your dressage exercises or learning by heart. On one side, a 20 x 40 m dressage arena is drawn. On the other side, a 20 x 60 m dressage arena with additional letters for Advanced (Medium) level and above. Comes with a black marker.

Slowfeeder haynet

This slowfeeder hay net ensures your horse needs more time to eat his roughage in the stable or paddock. The net can be attached with two loops on top. Two cords on top can be used to close the net.

19,95 €

Stable cloth

Use a stable curtain to cover a stable wall to provide extra privacy for the horse. Features four Velcro straps and four D-rings. Decorated on the front with a white cord and a logo.

39,95 €

Stable storage bag

Are your rugs and horse supplies all over the place? This storage bag solves your problem. Attachment straps on the rear for mounting to stable bars.

21,50 €