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Stirrup leathers & Stirrups


Peacock safety stirrup

This safety stirrup makes sure the foot of the rider will not get stuck in the stirrup during a fall. The elastic ring on the side will disconnect due to the pressure.

35,95 €

Safety stirrup elastic rings

Set of rubber rings which will brighten up your safety stirrups. The rings will disconnect during a fall and prevent the foot of getting stuck in the stirrup.

Stirrup covers Collection

Stirrup covers made of turnout fabric. These covers protect the saddle from scratching and dirt from the stirrups. With an elasticized opening.

Stirrup iron Fillis

This stirrup is made of stainless steel and is equipped with flat rubber stirrup pads.

29,95 €

Stirrup iron Icelandic

These S-shaped stirrups are extra safe because the foot can clear easily out of the stirrup during a fall. The stirrup features an twisted slot for stirrup leathers and flat rubber stirrup pads for a good grip.

34,95 €

Stirrup leather cover Jennifer

Leather stirrup leather covers to cover the buckles of stirrup leathers on a dressage saddle. Decorated with rhinestones. The middle row has bigger rhinestone and the outer rows have smaller rhinestones.

15,95 €

Stirrup leather Lupine

Stirrup leather finished with dispersed grey rhinestones on the tail end to finish your radiant outfit. Matches the other Lupine products.

44,95 €

Stirrup leather strong

Extra strong stirrup leathers because of the invisible nylon reinforcement. Made of good quality leather and with a strong stainless steel buckle.

45,95 €

Stirrup leather ultra strong

Stirrup leathers made of high quality materials. Equipped with extra strong stainless steel buckle and reinforced with metal fittings.

49,95 €

Stirrup leathers biothane

Extra strong stirrup leathers made of biothane. This material is strong, supple and durable. The stirrup leathers have a leather look and feature stainless steel buckles.

36,95 €

Stirrup pads Color

Set of rubber pads which will brighten up your stirrups. The pads feature a thread for a good grip and are easy to attach to the stirrup.