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Cake for horses

Treat your horse with a 100% natural Animal Cake! The cake can easily be made at home. Mix the contents with 600 ml of boiling water, return the mash into the cake form, and let it cool down for 40 minutes in the refrigerator to get the basic solid cake base. The packaging of the cake mix can be used as cake form, but you can use your own cake form as well. Decorate the cake with carrots and apples for the finishing touch.

12,95 €

Bell boots Ontario

Strong 1680D bell boots with a soft imitation fur trim at the top. The neoprene lining absorbs rear leg impacts and protects the coronet and heel bulbs. Can be attached with a double velcro closure.

26,95 €

Fetlock boots Ontario

Protect your horse's hind legs from being hit with these fetlock boots with an imitation fur lining. The lining prevents irritation and is therefore perfect for horses with a sensitive skin. The protectors are easy to attach with the elastic quick-release fasteners.

44,95 €

Riding boot Birgit Snake Adult wide

This boot has a striking pattern with snake print and patent leather edge on the bow. The rough structure of the material on the shaft gives a rugged touch to the riding boot. The elastic lace on the front also ensures greater freedom of movement for the ankle.

164,95 €

Sweater Susy

This sweatvest has a practical feature: the hood can be attached to the rear so it will not go up and down when riding. The bold Equestrian Sports" text prints on the left sleeve and zippers give the vest a sportive look. Striped details to the sleeves finish the look.

69,95 €

Bridle Devi

Anatomically shaped bridle which avoids the nerves and sensitive points of the horse's head as much as possible. This makes the bridle suitable for horses that are sensitive to the head. The special curved shape of the noseband ensures that it lies higher up on the nose and avoids the sensitive lower part. In addition, the noseband does not press against the horse's teeth, which prevents irritation in the mouth.

99,95 €

Saddle pad Florence

Elegant saddle pad with two decorative cords, a light grey border and an anatomically shaped back. The saddle pad is equipped with girth loops and short saddle loops with velcro that ensure that the saddle pad stays in place. The QHP embroidery on the back completes the saddle pad.

34,95 €

Saddle pad Q Friesianian

Let your Friesian shine with this Q-Friesian saddle pad! The contrasting stripe with Friesian leaf shapes and the stitched pattern in the shape of 'pompeblêden' give the saddle pad a luxurious look. The red, white and blue decorative cord complete the look.

39,95 €

Exercise fly sheet with neck

This fly sheet is designed to be used when riding. The sheet features a cut-out for the saddle and stirrups. The sheet has a detachable neck which is easily fastened to the rug and bridle with Velcro straps.

62,95 €

Anti-fly rug Technical

High quality anti-fly rug made of extra strong fabric. Features a special hidden Velcro closure to prevent the rug from opening. The rug has an extra long neck and tail flap. The extra high shoulder gussets are comfortable for the horse. A fly mask can be fastened on the three loops on the neck of the rug.

99,95 €

Riding boot Birgit Snake Adult

This boot has a striking pattern with snake print and a patent leather edge on the bow. The rough structure of the material on the shaft gives a rugged touch to the riding boot. The elastic lace on the front also ensures an improved freedom of movement for the ankle.

164,95 €

Fly sheet with neck and hood Big neck

During warm summer months horses can be bothered by flies, nats, horseflies and other pesky insects. We have several fly sheets to protect your horse against them, such as this fly sheet with neck and hood with a special fit for Friesian and baroque horses. This rug has a detachable neck and hood, which can be taken off when flies and other insects are less active. The rug has a belly flap which fits nicely around the belly and is attached twice with Velcro and surcingles which prevents it from shifting. This rug is available in the sizes 185 - 225 and is wider at the neck and chest than regular rugs.

79,95 €

Easter bunny ears hat horse

Funny hat with Easter bunny ears. The ear net is made of fleece and the white border is made of white teddy fleece. The ears are lined with neoprene.

12,50 €

Cavesson Leather

Multifunctional leather cavesson that can also be used as a bridle. Due to the removable bit clips, the cavesson can be used with or without bit. Three rings are attached to the nose strap to which a lunging line can be attached. Equipped with an anatomically shaped crown piece.

69,95 €

Horse football

Toy for horses to prevent boredom or for a game of horse football with riders.

39,95 €

Fly sheet Color

Basic model fly sheet available in bright colours matching many of our other brightly coloured products. The rug features double front closures with buckles on the chest, cross surcingles, a tail cord and tail flap.

39,95 €