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Anti-fly rug with neck and hood

During warm summer months horses can be bothered by flies, nats, horseflies and other pesky insects. We have several fly sheets to protect your horse against them, such as this fly sheet with neck and hood. This rug has a detachable neck and hood, which can be taken off when flies and other insects are less active. The rug has a belly flap which fits nicely around the belly and is attached twice with Velcro and surcingles which prevents it from shifting.

69,95 €

Riding whip Unicorn

Childrens' whip with flap on the end which is shaped like a unicorn head. The shimmering flap and stem make the whip stand out.

Himalayan saltlick

With a himalayan salt lick, the horse can meet its daily salt needs. The salt block also contains various minerals and trace elements that the horse needs.

Hoof pick QHP

Purple hoof pick with black rubber handle for increased comfort. With brush and QHP print.

Mane comb

Aluminium mane comb with fine teeth which can be used for combing of pulling manes.

Treat bag

Small bag which can be used to store treats or other edible rewards when doing groundwork. The pocket can be attached in several ways to a belt or pants. It has a loop with D-ring, carabiner hook and two loops on the back.

Riding fly mask with ear protection

Fly mask which can be attached to the crown piece, cheek pieces and noseband of a bridle. This is why the mask is easy to use during riding. The mask is made of firm mesh and features a fine, supple mesh around the ears.

13,95 €

Fly mask Technical

This high quality fly mask will not come close to the eyes of the horse because of extra reinforcement in the border. The mask can be fastened by Velco below the troat. Can be used with or without rug. Mask can be attached to a rug by three loops.

19,95 €

Fly rug with elasticized neck

This fly sheet has a neck which is attached to the rug with an elastic insert. This ensures a comfortable fit and extra freedom of motion for the horse. The sheet has a belly flap which fits nicely to the belly and is closed with Velcro and three surcingles. The surcingles pass through loops which prevent shifting. The sheet can easily be attached to a halter with Velcro straps.

69,95 €

Derma3 Summer Deo Cream

Derma3 is a summer spray for horses and dogs.

NB! 750ml bottle doesn't include triggerpump. Triggerpumps for 750ml bottles are sold separately.

37,00 €

Triggerpump for 750ML bottles

Triggerpump for Solheds' 750ml bottles (Derma3 ja Derma9 sprays)

Derma1 Skin care shampoo

Derma1 Skin Care Shampoo is for cleaning skin problems in dogs and horses (e.g. allergic and inflamed skin).

Categories: Allergy, Dry flaky skin, Management of the allergic skin, Management of the sun burned skin, Paw infection, Skin damage / chafes/ wounds, Skin infections, Sun and skin, Wash of the allergic animal, Wash of the dry flaky skin, Wash of the infected skin, Wash of the insect bites, Wash of the skin damage

Tags: Allergic skin, atopic skin, Elephant skin, hotspot, insect bites, itching skin, mud fever, paw infection, wound care

From 18,00 €

Derma10 Heel Balm

Derma10 is a waterless cream for horses, dogs and cats. It is used for treatment of the skin, hooves and paw pads.

Categories: Care of paw pads, Hoof care, Management of the damaged skin, Skin damage / chafes/ wounds

Tags: corner of the mouth, for cats, for dogs, for horses, hardening of the skin, hooves, paw pads

19,00 €

Derma11 Anti-Itch Spray

Derma11 is an Anti-Itch Spray used for the treatment of itch caused by allergic skin, summer eczema and insect bites.

Categories: Allergy, Dry flaky skin, Insect bites, Management of the allergic skin, Treatment of insect bites, Treatment of the dry flaky skin

37,00 €

Derma12 Finishing Oil

Derma12 is a treatment oil for finishing of horses, cats and dogs coat. It is also used on horses hooves.

Categories: Allergy, Dry flaky skin, Grooming, Grooming of the allergic animal, Hoof care, Treatment of the dry flaky skin

29,00 €

Derma13 Zinc Solution

Management of skin infections

19,00 €